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… I can.  Or magazines or newspapers though only in the surgery waiting room because I really don’t want to…

 (Interruption number 1: Eddie wanted to pose in his sisters helmet and knee/elbow pad set)

… spend money on page after page of adverts but anyway… back to the point. 

Books are out, though.  I could read them, as in, I am able to.  I just don’t have the time to.  I used to read book after book.  Several thick spined books, hundreds of pages long…

(Interruption number 2: Eddie needs a drink “please”),

…which I could read within a matter of days.  Sometimes I would read two, or three in one week.  I was a bookworm…

(Interruption number 3: Harry would like a drink, please)

…  But you see, in order to be able to do this you need time to…

 (Interruption number 4: Eddie tells me the TV is dirty – please don’t start debating my housekeeping skills.  You will have plenty of opportunity for that) …

really get into a book.  To submerge yourself into the characters, the scene, the story.  And for that you need time.  And no interruptions…

  (Interruption number 5:  I stop to tell Harry to stop throwing plastic balls at his brothers)

… to snap you out of that journey into another world, another place, another time.  I feel ashamed when I read questions like “What book do you have on your bedside table?”.  I have heartburn tablets, tissues, a lamp, and an unopened parcel containing somebody’s Christmas present (I can’t remember who it’s for or what it is) but I don’t have a book.  I haven’t had a book there for years.  I haven’t read a book properly for years anywhere…

(Interruption number 6:  I stop to unload the dryer and put another load in)

… in the house.  And this is where blogs come in.  I love the bitesized pieces of life through the PC.  It doesn’t…

(Interruption number 7:  I stop to make a paper aeroplane for Harry)

… matter …

(Interruption number 8:  Eddie asks for paper and a pencil)

… that I have to get up several times as I can catch up quite…

(Interruption number 9:  I stop to make a paper aeroplane for Eddie)

… easily.  I can normally find where I left off and even remember what the blogger had said before I rudely left them hanging in mid-sentence.  So thank…

(Interruption number 10:  Harry tells me that Eddie has opened the baby gate and Sid isn’t giving his paper aeroplane back)

… you, people, for your blogs.  Please don’t underestimate the service you provide to a busy mum who, without you, would be limited to reading the back of cereal packets or the weekly shopping list.  And if you wish to use my literacy as the excuse for your own procrastination …

(Interruption number 11:  Eddie’s aeroplane has unfolded – disaster!)

… then please, please do.  You can call it your good deed for the day.  And I will do the same for you, because I’m nice like that.

Never embarrass your children or re-tell blushworthy stories of them on the internet to total strangers.

Hmm, yeah, right.

I’ve c&p’d this from the other blog because it still makes me laugh. 

Stephanie was checking her email one afternoon and
had an email on a store promotion.  The conversation went as follows:

Steph: “Durex is buy one, get one free.”

Me, a little taken aback but you know, *deep breath*, I can deal with this: “Better to be safe than sorry I suppose.”

Steph: “Yeah, I’m going to buy lots of paint now.”

Me looking up sharply quite puzzled: “What?! That’s not paint!”

Steph, waving her arms about: “Yes it is. Durex. The one with the big

Me laughing: “That’s Dulux!”

Steph: “No, it’s not!”

Me, laughing harder: “Yes it is!”

Stephanie looks very puzzled so I help her out while still trying to
breathe through laughing.

“Steph, Durex is condoms!”

Stephanie crumbling with laughter and embarrassment “OoOoooh!!”


So most of this is c&p’d from the other blog.   Some has been updated, some has been left.  Hey, it’s the last day of half term and I’m lazy.  Sue me.

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve stepped out of the boundaries of being an average sized family.  Of course we have, otherwise car manufacturers would design a bigger MPV,  family tickets for days out wouldn’t just be for two adults and two children,  and calendars would have larger spaces so you could actually fit in all appointments for one day without having to squishyourwritingtogetherandmergeitintoonewordtogetittofit.

Anyone who is reading this that already knows us can skip this part, unless you’ve forgotten who is who in which case it’ll serve as a reminder.

Michael – This is dad.  Born in 1973 and is a very talented joiner and a great dad!  He started out working with his now father in law almost 20 years ago, and learnt what to do and what not to do in order to become a great craftsman.  Take that as you will!

Tania – Mum. Born in 1974 ,  oops, I mean, 25 years ago (it doesn’t matter what the current year is, her birth year is always 25 years ago).  Met Michael at high school.  Is lucky enough to be able to work from home as a cloth nappy advisor for The Nappy Lady.  Loves cooking and baking and trying out new recipes although not so much lately much to the rest of the family’s disgust.


Child #1.  Born 1993.  Hairy.  Nice teeth.  In his last year of GCSE’s and doing great so far.  Ben is a fantastic artist and also has a knack for languages.  Wants to be Link from the game Zelda.


Child #2. Born 1994, 14 months after Ben.  Waves hands around a lot when she talks.  Nice teeth – good at music.  Returned to school in September 2007 after two years of being home educated.  Though reluctant to return at first, she’s settled in wonderfully and is doing fantastically well and loves it!


Child #3. Born 1999.  5 year age gap between Caitlin and Stephanie and three miscarrriages in between.  Hairy.  Lots of teeth.  Very studious and loves school.  Also loves the colour pink, posing for photo’s and flicking her hair and jumping about, normally in front of the television when someone else is watching it.


Child #4.  Born 2003.  3 years between Caitlin and Harry with 2 miscarriages in between.  Noisy.  Not many teeth left – they keep falling out!  He began full time school in September 2007  settled in very well making rapid progress in everything.  Likes growling and apparently leaves the house to fight monsters in the middle of the night.  He must be very quiet coming back though as we’ve yet to hear him return.


Child #5.  22 month difference between Harry and Eddie (one miscarriage in between).  Born New Years Eve 2004.  Noisy.  Funny.  Loves animals.  Not quite mastered modesty yet and loves posing and people telling him how handsome he is.  Loves being a big brother and making people laugh.


Child #6.  Born December 2005.  Hairy.  Cute.  Lots of teeth.  Daddy’s boy and a little clone of him too. Yes, there is just under a year between Sid and Eddie.  Fast work, eh?


Child #7.  Born June 2007.  Lovely, snuggly, cuddly, smiley little baby.  A few teeth.  A slightly bigger age gap this time of eighteen months.  Likes slamming cupboards, shutting doors and pressing buttons.  Not so keen when fingers get squashed, toes get caught or squeals of dismay from others when he turns the TV or PC off.   Still does it though.

Almost a year ago I began the journey into Blogland with our first blog  Many times I wanted to write about things that I didn’t feel fitted appropriately into the kind of blog we’d created there but wanted a place to blog about the every day stuff that happens. 

So here it is, our new blog which will focus less on the garden, our feeble attempts at growing stuff (and excellent progress at killing it off) and chickens and more on our slightly larger than average family including toddler talk about poo, nose-picking, hospital dashes and perhaps an answer along the way to the people who ask…. “Why?!”

I can tell you’re excited!


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